Founded in 2005, Maxevis have been in the consumer electronics industry for over 10 years, providing whole supply chain management service including product design, molding, production management, quality control, packaging and logistics  for many world famous brands.

Maxevis builds its own intelligent manufacturing plant by implementing the Japanese 6S standard including lean production system, cumulative information, automation and intelligent production system. With decade of manufacturing and R & D experiences, Maxevis have now loyal customers to its portfolio. Maxevis gradually developed into a diversified group business which integrates supply chain management services, intelligent hardware design and development, intelligent manufacturing and lean production management consulting service.

Seeing the outbreak of the Wireless charging market, Maxevis created QiPowerTM  brand implementing all its engineering and manufacturing experiences into it. QiPowerTM  is committed to infiltrating wireless technology into all aspects of society and life, and will constantly strive to become the leading brand in this industry.